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CRTEAN collaboration and integration. & RCMRD


Dec 27, 2023

At the invitation of his brother, Mr. Dr. Manuel Nokronzis, Director General of the Regional Center for Mapping and Wealth Development (RCMRD), affiliated with the Economic Commission of the African Union, Nairobi, Republic of Kenya, Dr. Al-Hadi Qashout, Director General of the Regional Center for Remote Sensing for North African Countries of the African Union (CRTEAN), today, Tuesday, November 7, 2023, a working visit to the RCMRD Center and a meeting with Dr. Ma Noel and the experts, project and department managers at this center, included a presentation of the center and the projects and work it carries out at the regional and international levels, which included a visit. To the technical departments and the building contained in the new headquarters of this center and the annexes it carries, it is considered a pride for Africa… This visit culminated in the signing of a memorandum of agreement for joint and constructive cooperation between the group of North African countries with the countries represented by CRTEAN and the countries of East, South and West Central Africa represented by the RCMRD, for the benefit of the African continent within the framework of the jurisdiction of the two centres.