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A regional organization established on October 5, 1990 after the signing of the founding law by the five member states of North Africa (Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya). Then Egypt and Sudan joined
The Regional Center for Remote Sensing, which has its headquarters in Tunisia, enjoys all the privileges and immunities of international organizations
The Center aims to encourage institutions in member states for the purpose of
The use of remote sensing techniques and supporting science systems in the fields of sustainable development and scientific  research
Transfer of technologies
Building specialized capacities  of Member States

Permanent Founding Members

●Tunisia: National Center for Mapping and Remote Sensing (CNCT).
● Morocco: The Royal Center for Remote Sensing (CRTS).
● Libya: Survey Department of Libya (SDL).
● Mauritania: Uneversity Center for Mapping and Remote Sensing -Ministry of
Research & Higher Education.
● Algeria: represented by the National Institute of Mapping and Remote Detection
● Egypt: National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences – NARSS.
● Sudan: Sudan National Survey Authority (SNSA)

Observer Members

● General Organization for Remote Sensing (GORS)- Syrian.
● General Authority for Remote Sensing and seismological
Sciences In Sudan.

● Libyan Center for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences
(LCRSSS)- Libya.

● Yemen Center for Remote sensing & GIS – Yemen.
● National Center for remote Sensing in Lebanon (NCRS).
● Mali ( representative ).
● Senegal ( representative ).
● International Space university