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Terms magazine publishing

1. Not be submitted for publication research has been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

2. Accepted research in Arabic and in English or French.

3. Provide a summary of the Arabic search required publication in the magazine.

4. Subject of scientific research for the calendar does not publish non-integrated search with the terms of publishing.

5. Placed sources at the end of a full search and take the serial numbers and are referred to in the body of research indicating the page numbers.

6. Journal publishes research papers for students enrolled for master's and doctoral degrees.

7. Reflect all studies and research articles about the opinion of the authors and the magazine comes arranged according to technical considerations unrelated to the scientific value of any of them.

8. Journal publishes reports and research studies placed in conferences and scientific forums and academic activities in the field of specialization without arbitration in the number of private journal.

9. Published articles are the court (worksheets) in a private corner in the magazine.