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The center allows to states non members, (countries outside of North African countries), and institutions of the Member States, organizations and federations and associations of international and Arab and African countries as well as the bodies and scientific and research centers specializing in the field of competence of the center right of accession to the center as an "associate member" is the organic list after approval by the board of directors and the payment of subscription fee stipulated in the Constitutive Act of the center, and members may attend meetings of participants meeting the Governing Council of the Centre and to participate in discussions and offer constructive suggestions and opinions without the right to vote.

Also entitled to participate in all the activities conducted by the center according to their specialties and interests need to be members who have been accepted as associate members pay annual contribution stipulated in the Statute of the Regional Center for Remote Sensing of the North African countries.

And willing to be an associate member status can be found on the model of the membership form