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The  UN-Habitat and Regional Center for remote Sensinf of North Africa states (CRTEAN) through collaborative  and agree to work together to implementing the “Fit-for Purpose Land Administration project” within the Arab region programme on good land governance in support to inclusive development, peace and stability”. The technical expertise from both organizations, which shall be used in this collaboration, would allow a more effective and efficient utilization of resources made available to both UN-Habitat and CRTEAN.

The two parties have agreed after signing an agreement between them in Nov,25.2020 during which the regional center will implement the following within the framework of this project:

1. Organisation of an Expert Group Meeting on Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration :

 The Expert Group Meeting (EGM) aim is to bring together experts with different    

     Professional backgrounds to discuss common challenges, good practices existing in the   

     Arab region and how to export and adapt good practices to other contexts.

 The title of the EGM is Regional meeting on “Raise awareness of the Arab states in

     developing Fit-for-Purpose and Pro-Poor Land Administration system in Support

     toinclusive development, peace and stability in the region”.

 A quick study will be conducted to identify the main stakeholders and the experts in the

     field of  land management to select the targeted group. A contribution from the other  

     GLTN AoC’s partners will be expected.

 The tageted group for the meeting should include: policy makers, legislation experts, land

    surveyors, and land values among other stakeholders identified above.

 The meeting will bring facts about the current situation on land governance in the region,

     the impact of the poor security of tenure, the security of tenure for the women and other

      vulnerable groups and the impact of these issues on the development in the region.


2. Organisation of two training events on Fit -For-Purpose Land Administration :

     The two training sessions aim at providing land professionals and other land sector

      stakeholders with knowledge on fit-for-purpose land administration using existing   

      materials developed by GLTN partners.


2.1. Training 1 : Fit-for-Purpose LA hands - on tools and techniques for Arab land


2.2. Training 2: Fit-for-Purpose LA hands - on tools and techniques for mapping

                         and information management